Welcome to PACEs Connection!

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PACEs Connection membership is free and open to the public, we would love to have you join us and become a PACEs Connection member to support our journey to creating a trauma-informed world! Click here to find a list of our communities by location and by interest. Members are welcome to join as many communities as you like, and we encourage you to do so!

PACEs Connection is a social network that supports communities to accelerate the global PACEs science movement, to recognize the impact of positive & adverse childhood experiences (PACEs) in shaping adult behavior and health, and to promote trauma-informed and resilience-building practices and policies in all communities and institutions — from schools to prisons to hospitals and churches — to help heal and to develop resilience instead of traumatizing already traumatized people.

PACEs Connection members include people living in rural, suburban, and urban areas and from a variety of different backgrounds, including health, education, criminal justice, social services, business, community activism, civic, and faith-based fields.

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