Resources for Families During Covid-19

Right now, we are all working through the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our lives. While this pandemic impacts everyone differently, it is safe to say that everyone has been impacted. At No More Stolen Childhoods we’re focused on keeping kids safe, knowing that now more than ever, the need is critical. For families that means understanding the signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse, it means talking to our kids about boundaries and body safety and it means recognizing that in our digital world, abuse can happen online.

We are offering a number of ways for you to access our programs and resources digitally, increases the options available to you and highlighting our partners who’s work aligns with our mission. Together we can meet you where you are and support you as we work together to protect all kids for today and for tomorrow.

Parents: Practical Resources for Keeping Kids Safe at Home

Parents, take a deep breath. You are juggling a lot at the moment and it is not easy. We’ve pulled together some resources, information and trainings from our partners and trusted resources. All of these guides and support materials are available at no charge.



NMSC joined our community partners: The Family Tree, House of Ruth Maryland and GBMC for a virtual Town Hall hosted by WMAR-2.