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Wayne Coffey is a survivor. He has chosen to use his story of abuse at the hands of his uncle as a catalyst to help others find the strength to address their childhood sexual abuse and take the steps towards hope and healing. In 2004, No More Stolen Childhoods was formed, with Wayne’s vision and a group of dedicated volunteers they set out to tackle this complex issue.

In 2007, Wayne’s book No More Stolen Childhoods was released and he began using his story as a springboard to speak to groups about the stigma of abuse and the struggle adult survivors face in confronting their past.

No More Stolen Childhoods Book


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The Lancaster – Lebanon School District approached Wayne in 2014 to produce a video, More than Stranger Danger: Understanding the Reality of Child Molesting which was designed to educated mandated reporters and trusted adults on the dynamics of childhood sexual abuse from multiple viewpoints.

In 2017, Wayne’s company Coffey & Company was selected as the recipient of the Rough Notes Community Service award for his desire “to ensure that young victims of sexual abuse will be able to reveal and deal with their experiences”.