About Us


No More Stolen Childhoods’ Mission is to engage all communities in the prevention of and healing from child sexual abuse.


NMSC envisions a world where we all understand the innumerable impacts of child sexual abuse and are compelled to eliminate this abuse.


  • The courage required to stand up for prevention and justice and we honor survivors on their courageous journeys of healing
  • Equity in ensuring access to adequate and appropriate resources for all communities to prevent and heal from child sexual abuse
  • Transparency as we advance our difficult work together through respectful and direct communications
  • Knowledge, rooted in ongoing research, as a tool to guide our prevention and healing efforts and for us to empower others to do the same
  • Collaboration and seek innovative partnerships that expand resources, support healing for survivors, advocate for change, raise awareness, and mitigate the impact of abuse

Strategic Plan

In September of 2021, NMSC completed a multi-year strategic plan. To read the executive summary, click here!