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The New Baby

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A Kid’s Book About Sexual Abuse


SiblingsToo Podcast: What Parents Need to Know (about sibling sexual abuse)
This 15 minute episode provides basic facts, understanding, and guide for parents dealing with sibling sexual abuse.

Sex, Human Rights, and CSA Prevention Podcast: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Through Education
In this 23 minute episode, survivor Jenna Quinn discusses the law named after her and importance of education, emphasizing that stranger-danger is only about 10% of abuse cases.


#netsmart: A handbook for grown-ups on how to protect children from sexual abuse on the internet

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Tip Sheet: Age Appropriate Sexual Behavior developed by Stop It Now

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Preventing and Addressing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth Serving Organizations: A Desk Guide for Organizational Leaders from the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (2020). While designed for youth-serving professionals, this is a wonderful resource for parents to know what questions to ask of organizations their children are involved with.

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